Honorable Mention: Jalynn Jones

Learn More About Jalynn:

Jalynn Jones, the self-proclaimed “Black Business Mary Poppins,” is a 28-year old Los Angeles native, healthcare executive, and full-time business owner. She founded Black Pretty and Paid, LLC during the 2020 global pandemic in response to thousands of African-Americans losing their jobs or becoming less certain about relying on a full-time job to generate wealth.

For the past five years, Jalynn has been a nationally and regionally ranked high-performer in corporate sales, business development, and marketing. She’s a member of the first-black greek lettered organization and is an HBCU graduate passionate about nurturing a new lane of mindset shifting for black entrepreneurs. Jalynn‘s coaching style laser focuses on new, aspiring, and plateau entrepreneurs who desire to reconnect to their purpose, passion, and foundational knowledge to sustain a business venture.

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