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Mary Fernandez leads Women of Help and Influence as a motivational speaker, coach, and mentor. She has dedicated her life’s work to helping women move from being stuck, stopped, or stalled. Mary inspires audiences to reconnect with their personal power within so that they can walk in the authority they were born with.

Women of Help and Influence was a containment unit for all the volunteer and community projects Mary has created or supported over 50 years. Whatever a group or organization needed, she jumped right in and made their mission her mission.

As a business owner, she became involved in community leadership by serving in her community league and at the same time serving on the Business Association from secretary to president.

Simultaneously, she saw a need for personal and project development in children’s schools and community youth programs to showcase the youth’s skills. Mary saw an opportunity to create collaborative projects that would serve the community, the students, and their parents. Together, they launched two major projects that had lasting impact to this day.

Mary’s desire to positively influence groups, organizations, and individuals continued in college where she collaborated with others to build the confidence and personal presence of participants while raising funds for student leadership programs.

After years of making a difference in people’s lives, Mary was introduced to a direct sales company where she received mentoring, guidance, and personal development that lead her to the top 2% in her first year. That experience exposed her to women from all walks of life.

Mary saw that some women lost their edge and identity in their jobs or social circles. These women had dreams and goals that they have been thinking about for more than 10 years, but were not able to act upon.

While working to elevate her presence in the business world, she decided to package her services in a way that would reach more people and allow her to get paid for what she used to do for free. Like a car with a missing tire, the lack of knowledge and information specific to what she needed to do to kept her from pursuing what she wanted. Mary only became fully equipped when she researched, hired coaches, and paid for programs. That was the birth of Women of Help and Influence (WOHI). She could see the pain and frustration in the faces and voices of the women she served. The WAR CRY WAS BORN.

What can we do to help you break through, step up, and step out of fear and procrastination so that you can launch your dream or goal?

WOHI uses customized programs designed to move you from point A to point Z based on the commitment to engage the WOHI Coach and to show up for the self. It is so exciting to make that connection and start those engines.

We debuted WOHI in a grand opening celebration at a local restaurant’s banquet room with speakers and guests in September 2002. We also received our EIN number and official business startup paperwork from SCC!

Mary Hazward Fernandez
Coach, Author, Speaker

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Official Site: www.marykay.com/mfernandez

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Mary Hazward Fernandez
Coach, Author, Speaker

Women’s Business and Personal Development Coach

Independent Sales Director Mary Kay Cosmetics
Official Site: www.marykay.com/mfernandez

Luke 2:52 And Jesus increased in stature and wisdom and favor with God and with men!

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