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Author, Podcaster, Survivor.

(Elder) Tara Culton, PRS

Born in St. Louis, raised in Augusta, GA, now in Virginia, Elder Culton has been active in her local church, and in her community since an early age. She is an ordained clergywoman who is the visionary of “All for Worship Ministries“, a Christian organization providing speaking and arts delivery. She is also the Creative Owner of OnTime Tasks Virtual Solutions, LLC (OTTVS). Through OnTime Tasks Virtual Solutions she relieves mental stress for CEOs by providing executive-level virtual services.

Tara is gifted in the areas of speaking, empowerment, graphic design, administration, teaching, and training. She chooses to use her voice to champion her passion of mental health illness advocacy and awareness. She is a suicide attempt survivor and the visionary behind the online podcast: Talks with T (TWT): Healing Conversations About Mental Illness. Talks with T is a peer support organization. It provides support to those with lived experience of mental health illness as well as to those affected by mental health illness. The mission of Talks with T is to destroy the stigma associated with mental health illness via discussions, forums, education, events, activities, and advocacy, both online and in person.

Tara is a trained Peer Recovery Professional. She is a Peer Recovery Specialist who is trained to walk beside anyone on their recovery journey. She is also trained in eCPR (emotional CPR). Emotional CPR (eCPR) is an educational program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis. Emotional CPR (eCPR) works using the following three simple steps: C = Connecting, P = emPowering, and R = Revitalizing.

Tara lives by her mantra, “Mental health illness. It’s a disease… NOT a shame.” This mantra was given to her by God after a mental health crisis, on the job, in 2016. As a published author, some of Tara’s journey with mental health illness is captured in an anthology, Entitled: Inspire, released in 2016. Tara’s next book collaboration was released in March 2021.

Tara is a member of The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI – pronounced NAH-MEE), she acts as an “In Our Own Voice” presenter. She is also a Peer-to-Peer Group Facilitator, Connections Facilitator, Program Leader, and Crisis Intervention Trainer.

Tara participates in community outreach programs that eradicate the stigma of mental health illness. She is a sought-after speaker, podcast guest, teacher, and presenter who realizes that keeping people well means having healing, compassionate conversations.

Elder Tara is also a participant in the “IfYouCouldSeeMe” movement. If You Could See Me was created by Erin Mahone. IfYouCouldSeeMe provides a voice for those with lived experiences through live performances, writing/storytelling workshops, and more. She is also a member of VOCAL, Virginia’s statewide network of people that embrace their mental health challenges and work together to heal their communities.

Tara resides in Virginia. She is the daughter of Daisy & William; sister to Tresa (tree-sah), Terri, and Patrice; Kevin’s mom; “Gammy” to a beautiful granddaughter; Auntie and “Muntie”; and a friend, advocate, and a support person to many. She enjoys reading, crafting, volunteering, creating, and spending time with family and friends.

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Facebook: Talks with T – Tara Culton (@talkswithtarac)
Instagram: Talks with T (@talkswitht)
Email: info@taraculton.com
Phone: 804-742-2967

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